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Final leaderboard

rank user dataset A1dataset B1dataset C1Final result2
1Nanang Susyanto, University of Amsterdam/University of Twente29.6323.3337.530.15
2Vincent Lunot, Independent Researcher Taipei city, Taiwan23.4625.562524.67
3Vinnie Monaco, Pace University25.932020.8322.25
4Zoran Cirovic, The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies, Belgrade18.523012.520.34
5Carlos Segura, None at the moment14.811012.512.44
6Anjith George, IIT Kharagpur, India22.22104.1712.13
7Roberto Santana, University of the Basque Country7.416.6716.6710.25
8Raimondas Zemblys, Siauliai University, Siauliai, Lithuania11.116.6705.93
9Yanbing Zhang, Independent Developer, Beijing, China3.713.3305.68

1) The result for each dataset is calculated as the number of correctly classified samples to the number of test samples taken into account.
2) The final result is calculated as the average of results for all three datasets.
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